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Dog owners today have so many options when it comes to health care for their dogs.  We are indeed blessed to have so many advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques utilized by today’s veterinarians. 

There is definitely a time and a place for all these modern advances.  However, in The Natural Dog we will be concentrating on using natural treatments, when appropriate, to help our canine friends.

As a dog owner, I have over the years become interested in herbal medicine, natural dog diets and homeopathic treatments when treating my dogs.  Many times we are able to help our pets at home without running to the vet for every ailment. 

When we do have need of veterinary services, it is ideal if we can find one who also embraces a more natural approach.  If we can look toward disease prevention and the avoidance of chemicals and drugs, our animals will benefit.

If you are looking for a resource that will guide you down the path to natural dog health, you will want to check out Heal Your Dog Naturally. This book is a small investment for the amount of information you will have at your fingertips.


Natural Dog Remedies

The following video talks about natural remedies for those dark eye stains that many white dogs get, using mint as a natural treatment for bad breath and digestive health, a natural home remedy for dogs or other pets who may get bug bites. 

Also discussed is an all-natural travel remedy that will help calm your dog and reduce nausea when traveling or when going to the groomer or veterinarian and a homeopathic treatment for urinary tract infections, which are common in many breeds.


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healthy dogsThe most important decision you will make regarding your dog’s health is the food you choose to feed him.  More than any other factor, this choice will impact his health the most. 

Virtually all degenerative diseases that are seen in humans and dogs can be linked back to nutrition.  As responsible dog owners, we want to choose the healthiest food we can for our dogs. 

But if you are like me you may have noticed how confusing this choice can be.

Natural Raw Healthy Pet Food Wysong

The marketplace is cluttered with claims from dog food manufacturers.  Each one claims to be better or healthier than the one before.

If our primary concern is the health of our dogs, feeding your dog dry food only is not the answer. We need to be discerning when choosing dog health food for our loving companions instead of just blindly believing what the marketers are telling us.

Complete balanced diet

Most manufacturers of dog dry food will insist you only need their certain food to provide a 100% completely balanced diet for your dog.

Have you ever really considered what this claim really implies?

First of all, it implies that they (the dog food manufacturer) actually know what a 100% balanced diet is. 

Second it implies that all dogs are exactly the same and require the exact same nutrients on a daily basis. 

Dog Food Allergies

Pet owners are scared into believing that their dog has specific food allergies so they should not be exposed to that particular food. 

Allergies generally indicate that the immune system is being compromised or that the pet is receiving too much of one particular food. 

That is why variety is necessary and the key to pet nutrition. Food needs to be fed that will enhance the immune system.

Ingredient Game:

Did you know that commercial dog food companies are allowed by the regulatory agencies to include polyethylene roughage replacement (plastic), undried processed animal waste products, hydrolyzed leather meal and other bizarre ingredients in your pet’s food??

However, they are prohibited from adding proven beneficial natural ingredients such as spirulina, bee pollen, L-carnitine, glucosamine that are readily available for human consumption.

Because the regulators are concerned with having a certain percentage of this or that in the product, they really do not care how those percentages are achieved. 

Inciting Fear

All a pet food marketing company has to do is put “No….corn, wheat, or whatever” on their label and we as consumers will automatically assume that the specific ingredient is bad and our pet should not have it.

The marketers and pet food companies use this as a scare tactic so you will feel led to buy their product. 

Heat Processing

The most dangerous threat to human health and canine health today is feeding yourself or your pet exclusively heat processed foods. 

Heat processing which includes cooking, baking, freeze drying and extruding all cause a multitude of molecular changes to the natural food. 

The heat process destroys many nutrients and it changes many components of the original food into dozens of toxins.  The presence of these toxins added to the fact that many vital nutrients have been destroyed in this heat process can begin to show us why so many people and animals are acquiring these degenerative diseases. 

All dog dry food on your store shelves uses this heat process during production.


The truth is your dog needs dog health food. It may seem easier to grab that bag of the store shelf, but in the long run feeding your dog dry food exclusively will damage his health.

Dog health food consists of fresh, natural food that dogs are biologically adapted to in order to maintain health.

Boston Terrier Puppy Shopping for Bones

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Guys, I wanted to show you a mentally stimulating game you could pay with your dog! If your dog won’t chew up the eggs, you can use Easter eggs like I did for this game.

What to do:
1. Fill eggs with kibble, dehydrated meats, jerky, or basically anything your dog loves. Now I use mostly Orijen kibble since we have a ton of it left after switching to raw. Some eggs will carry one to ten pieces of kibble along with special eggs carrying special treats like lamb lung and liver treats.

2.Put your dog in a sit stay or put them in the crate if you are afraid he will break a stay.

3. hide the eggs!

4. Tell the dog to go Easter egg hunt.

have fun with your dog!

(like I said in the video, this is such a different approach to the go find it game using a dog’s nose. Now we can play this game for visual instead of through smell.)

In this game Jasper uses Hold, Go Crate, Close the Door, Stay, Go Find It, Drop it, and Cleanup!

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